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Hi, I’m Nick Davis and welcome to my blog.

I built this site to serve as connection between my business life, research on retirement planning, important retirement issues, and a little glimpse into my life outside of work.

This site is designed for clients, friends, or anyone that would like to learn more about me from a comfortable distance.

Most people who find this blog already know a lot about me.  If you don’t, though, here’s a quick rundown and some highlights of my life.

  • I was born in a Midwestern town that is famous in my mind because Willie Nelson sang a song about it, Kankakee, IL. Can you guess which song it was?  (City of New Orleans)
  • I grew up mostly in the south of Chicago area surrounded by corn fields.
  • In 1993, most people don’t know that for a few years I was a rodeo cowboy. I have a $60,000 reconstructed face after being kicked in the head by a bareback horse at Illinois High School State Finals rodeo in 1996.  I’m thankful to be alive.
  • In 1999, besides a swift kick to the head, a major changing point in my life was when I decided to get married at 21 and headed straight to Dallas Texas to attend Bible College to become a pastor.
  • In 2010, after considering my deep desire for owning a business, I went through another major change when I decided to leave the full-time church work to be dedicated to pursuit of my business full time.
  • At that time, I had been married to my high school sweet heart for 11 years and had 4 kids. If you are reading this, I am still married to her and still have the kids.


  • In 2012, I founded Stonebridge Financial Group to provide services for my growing book of clients.
  • I stumbled onto the importance of making the best Social Security decision in conjunction with an income generating plan. Over time, I became very involved with helping people optimize their Social Security benefit as a foundation for their retirement income plan. Each year I help hundreds of Texans to learn something new about the relationship of Social Security and Pension decisions and their long-term money plan.
  • In 2015-2017, the investment group I most often recommend, FormulaFolio Investments was named the fastest growing Registered Investment Advisor in the US by Inc. Magazine.  In 2018, I was asked to sit on the advisory board for this organization.  It’s now a multi-billion dollar portfolio.  I get to contribute to the difference that they are all making in the world.
  • I received the RICP® designation, I completed all the required coursework to sit for the CFP® , though I did not pursue holding the designation, and instead went on to complete the ChFC®. My “hobby” is education. I love to learn.
  • My other hobby is roasting coffee. Yes, actually roasting coffee from the green bean. If you are a coffee snob, then we can be friends J

I started this blog as an effort to truly help people. My goal is to use my gifts to be of service.

Our mission is “To inspire confidence in making financial decisions through education and research-based planning; and for our families and individuals to always sense the care and thoughtfulness that goes into every relationship.”

So there you have it. Thanks for checking out my blog. If my posts can be helpful to readers in any way – I’ll consider it a passion well spent.


All the best,

Nick Davis

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Ps– I dedicate time answering questions regarding Social Security, retirement and most things you find on this blog.  If you want a little free advice, I’d welcome a phone call.  I usually respond within 48 hours.  Use the contact form.

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