Special Update: Coronavirus, Markets and What You Need to Know

Dear reader, Excerpts: “… panic has been driven by fear of unlikely events such as national quarantines, food shortages, and significant death tolls. But as we all know, the worst thing to do during a panic is to panic. That’s because panic leads to hasty, short-term decisions that jeopardize your long-term best interests…” “…these social distancing measures, while unsettling,…

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5 Ways to Build an Income Stream in Retirement

5 Ways to Build an Income Stream in Retirement By Nick Davis Most pre-retirees and retirees ask the question, “Will my money last throughout retirement?” While I believe that a well-planned retirement can help make your life savings last, extra income streams in retirement are great for providing added confidence throughout retirement, as well as…

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Work With Nick

Some people are looking for a financial advisor.  Others are simply wanting to get a second opinion and have no intention on finding a new advisor.  I offer planning for both types of people.  I charge a low flat planning fee (explained in ‘what I charge’ below).  I’ll do my best to communicate how different…

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About Nick

Hi, I’m Nick Davis and welcome to my blog. I built this site to serve as connection between my business life, research on retirement planning, important retirement issues, and a little glimpse into my life outside of work. This site is designed for clients, friends, or anyone that would like to learn more about me…

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