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We believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. Our team of professionals can help you create a well-thought-out strategy, using a variety of investments and insurance products and services, to help you address your financial needs and concerns.

Financial Planning Services

Stonebridge Financial Group works specifically with those who are nearing or are currently experiencing retirement. The goal of our integrated approach is to assist in helping you feel good about your plan. We pride ourselves on our Money Master Plan  and the Results in Advance Planning process.

Results in Advance Planning is a process that allows you to make decisions by verifying the potential outcomes in advance, before you make them. It’s a partnership relationship that allows you to stay in control of your choices but do so knowing that you have a qualified professional to assist you in creating your best plan.

Results in Advance Planning is our guiding principle as we create your plan. The Money Master Plan™  includes these areas:


Income Distribution Plan

  • Income and expense analysis
  • Social Security optimization
  • Inflation planning
  • Spousal-continuation planning

Investment Plan 

  • IRA/401(k) planning
  • Fiduciary model
  • Risk management plan
  • Daily portfolio monitoring
  • Institutional money management

Tax Plan

  • Tax-minimization strategies
  • Roth conversion analysis
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax-torpedo avoidance
  • Required minimum distribution plan analysis
  • Order of account withdrawal analysis

Healthcare Plan

  • Budgeting for Medicare
  • Long-term care planning

Legacy Plan

  • Minimizing probate
  • Life insurance planning
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Account transfer analysis
  • Charitable trusts
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Once you have a plan, we won’t stop there. In partnership, the ongoing goal is to regularly triple check the plan. This means check in with the:

  1. Spending
  2. Total portfolio return/risk profile
  3. The plan’s success rate.

Want to learn more about the Money Master Plan™  process? Here is what to expect:

We offer a complimentary first visit as we learn about your goals. Also during the first visit, you will discover our investment philosophy, our income distribution plan philosophy and the entire process.


We are a provider of WealthGuard™, an incredibly simple, yet powerful, early-warning system that monitors your investment accounts daily, so you can invest with confidence that there’s a plan in place to help protect your investments in all market conditions.

WealthGuard securely tracks your accounts in one place, including asset allocation and overall performance, and alerts you of any changes via email and/or text message. More importantly, WealthGuard notifies you, your financial advisor and your money manager so specific action may be taken to help protect your accounts while keeping you focused on your long-term investment goals.

And since WealthGuard monitors all your accounts automatically, it can watch over your 401(k), self-managed investment accounts and accounts managed by financial advisors at nearly every firm in the United States.

Learn how WealthGuard™ can help to protect your portfolio!

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