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Retirement can be intimidating.


With a multitude of opinions about retirement out there, it’s challenging to know where to look for guidance.

Your life’s savings have become sales opportunities for many who are looking to take advantage of your hard-earned money.

This faulty practice has forged mistrust among investors and, as a result, many people are unprepared when they enter retirement.

We’re here to help repair that.

Our ambition is to help you build a plan, not sell a product or collect a fee. We truly believe it’s the right thing to do for you.

We’ve created thousands of financial plans, so we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Financial planning has been sadly mishandled by many professionals. Here’s what we’ve discovered our clients really want out of their plan:

What it should be:

  • Administered by an unbiased, fiduciary Registered Investment Adviser who has a legal obligation to look out for your best interest
  • A thorough and objective test of your current situation, which aims to make as few transactions as possible
  • An educational process that shows you how to manage your own money

What it should not be:

  • A sales pitch in disguise
  • An attempt to replace what already exists with higher-cost products and fees
  • Too complex to understand

We use a Results in Advance Planning method to guide you through our process called the Money Master Plan™. This type of organize/test/track methodology allows you to see the outcomes of different scenarios in your financial outlook, so that you can make the most informed decisions possible.

Learn more about the Money Master Plan™  here.

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